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Below are the different types of industrial vibrators that we can offer:  
However if you need advice on a particular problem please email us on We are able to give a Full Turnkey Solution for all your materials handling problems. If your hoppers are suffering from ‘hammer rash’ we have the perfect solution with our ‘hammer’ range!
Bolt hole patterns, especially on rotary electric vibrators, are interchangeable with other vibrator manufacturers. This makes a conversion to our vibrators very easy. Same day or next day shipping is typical on most models due to a huge inventory of assembled vibrators.
Please email for further information and prices on any of the following: -

Rotary Electric Vibrators

Description: Continuous operation at 100% force output; Class H winding insulation including lead wires; tropicalized windings; IP65 water tight, dust tight; ambient temperature -4 degrees F to 104 degrees

Martshock Hammer

PS-type MARTSHOCK Intermittent Pneumatic Hammers belong to those flow aids that act destructively as bridge breakers. The mechanical energy released at regular intervals, at the moment of collision, is transmitted through the container wall to the stored material. MARTSHOCK Hammers are suitable for loosening of adhesive material crusts on walls, pipes and bins, and as bridge breakers in silos. The blow impulse leads to the complete detachment of the crusts or the collapse of a material bridge.
MARTSHOCK Hammers are particularly suitable for retrofitting to existing silo cones or hoppers as no emptying of the bin or drilling of the wall is required.

Turbine Vibrators

Description: Maintenance-free; operating temperature: -4°F to 250°F; oil-free operation; silencer and air nipple included; low noise level; great acceleration; high centrifugal force; low air consumption; standard ATEX ExII3D certified

Please email us on for a quotation or further information

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